Welcome to Mondrelog!


    We’ve built Mondrelog into the company it is today through our core competency, which is our engineering experience and know-how. Mondrelog engineers have completed a wide array of electrical projects from start-ups to large commercial and manufacturers installs. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge and experience in electrical engineering, process sciences, operations, automation and process engineering, maintenance, commissioning, Qualification/Validation, data management and system/MES integration. We offer a confidential and professional service to our clients. 

At Mondrelog, we have experience and knowledge in electrical equipment installation, electrical design, programming of the most advanced automated systems. Also, we collaborate with other two mechanical engineering companies, and we can design and build most of the automated systems you can think of. From idea to mechanical design and build to fully automated system installation and commissioning. 

We provide a range of engineering services to help you maintain, upgrade or optimise your electrical systems. Whether you are a start-up or large-scale manufacturer, our team focuses on supporting clients throughout the entire process, from project management through design to installation, maintenance and training. You can count on Mondrelog to support your requirements and deliver specifications on time and within budget. 

Let’s win together.


We provide automated systems for various industries, including industrial, energy, agriculture and commercial "BMS". We work alongside two mechanical companies, and we can design, build and install most automated systems.


We can reconfigure an entire production line or most manufacturing processes. Mondrelog is prepared to make your automated system better by modifying an existing old system.


We offer professional solutions with the electrical design, installation and build of control panels for improved reliability and suit any industry requirements you may need.


Mondrelog engineers are ready to design and install pneumatic control systems suitable for any process you may need at your premises.


We can install most of the electrical equipment, so it's safe and reliable. Also, we provide inspection and testing, fault finding and repairs at your factory, warehouse or commercial premises.


We provide safe, flexible automation solutions incorporating the latest robotics technology to streamline manufacturing and reduce the costs for most processes.