Welcome to Mondrelog!

Frequently Ask Questions

What does Mondrelog do?

Mondrelog designs and builds intelligent products for a smarter, more connected world by providing sketch-to-scale® solutions– innovative design, engineering, manufacturing, real-time supply chain insight industrial, energy, agriculture and commercial services.

How large is Mondrelog?

Our company has got 3 professional engineers and a good partnership with 2 other engineering companies who do supply mechanical engineering knowledge on the projects we work together.

Where is Mondrelog located?

Mondrelog is UK based company and has got very big ambitions to grow and expand as a worldwide company.

What is Mondrelog quality policy?

Mondrelog is focused on our customers’ ultimate success and satisfaction. We are committed to:

  • Deliver innovative products and services through world-class quality solutions.
  • Maintain the highest quality level through continuous process improvement and a zero-defect culture.
  • Continually improve our Quality Management System and maintain its effectiveness while ensuring full regulatory and/or certification compliance.

Which industries does Mondrelog serve?

Mondrelog works with businesses in industrial, energy, agriculture and commercial environments.

What kind of products does Mondrelog produce?

Serving a variety of end-markets, industrial automation, energy, agriculture and commercial. Mondrelog design, build, manages and develops the full cycle of the service we provide for our customers.  

What size companies does Mondrelog work with?

Mondrelog works with companies of all sizes.

How can I get a quote from Mondrelog?

If you’re ready to partner with Mondrelog, please get in touch with us with specific details about your needs, including where you are at in the project development process.