Welcome to Mondrelog!


      At Mondrelog, we are a UK-based company specialising in developing automated systems for manufacturing, production, and commercial industries. With over 10 years of experience, we specialise in finding solutions to support the developing needs of every business. We offer a tailor-made partnership designed to support you in navigating through the complexities of electrical automated systems. 

Our innovative team are passionate and focused on finding solutions to the diverse and complex nature of Engineering. We have a wealth of experience and understanding of this industry. Our engineers enjoy the challenges we face in this ever-changing engineering system to optimise your projects’ budget, time, and workload. As the world races into the fourth industrial revolution, we understand the need for fully digitalised smart electrical systems. This is the driving force behind our approach to establishing a better understanding of your systems and how we can help to improve them. 

We believe in anything that can be made better. Through a dedicated and dynamic approach, we will endeavour to enhance and future-proof your business.


We Satisfy And Delight Our Customers

Our customers are the lifeblood of our business and our most important stakeholder. We strive to meet or exceed their expectations on every project we work with. There is never too late or too much, if it needs to be done, we will make sure this happens no matter what.

We Respect the Ideas

Mondrelog exists today because, years ago, one engineer had the capacity to look at a shop floor problem a little differently. That enabled him to find a solution for easier troubleshooting of automated systems. We never forget that a single idea can change everything.

We Practice Win-Win Partnerships

There is no your project or ours project we work together to achieve the goals we created together. So we view them as allies in serving our stakeholders. We treat them with respect, fairness and integrity – expecting the same in return.<br>

We get it done every-time

All the knowledge and skills in the world aren’t enough when you on your own. The great answer is not enough. We are measured by our deeds and our deeds alone. So we do whatever it takes to make all that knowledge count. Massive Action is always the goal.

You can't make tomorrow's products with yesterday's tools!
Anything that can be made, can be made better!