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Our electrical design and control engineers aiding our customers product development for better cost efficiencies, performance, and speed to market.
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Automation engineering in 4 industries
From industrial equipment, energy, agriculture and commercial "BMS" Mondrelog is prepared for anything.


Our wide range of electrical and control equipment delivers best-in-class technology to meet the demands in any industry.


We only stock the best and all of our partners offered, tried and tested products that deliver in terms of quality, cost-efficiency and reliability.


Here are a range of technical papers from our expert suppliers to give you a more in-depth window into world of electrical control gear, electrical equipment & more.

It’s time to transform your projects to meet you demands

Many of the industry’s standard approaches were created decades ago, long before today’s innovation. Doing more of the same is yielding only incremental benefits and management expects you to deliver better results. With a partner like Modrelog you can make it better. Our engineering expertise – from projects to operations – is focused on helping you hit your targets and move your organisation into better and safer future of automated systems.





Commercial "BMS"




Automated Systems

We provide automated systems for a wide range of industries including industrial, energy, agriculture and commercial "BMS".

Control Panels

We offer the best solutions with design and built control panels for improved reliability and to suit any industry requirements.

Electrical Equipment Installation

We can install most of electrical equipment, inspection and testing, fault finding and repairs at your factory, warehouse or commercial premises.

Old Systems Modifications

We can reconfigure an entire production line or any manufacturing process and do good or better modification of an existing system.

Pneumatic Control

Our Engineers can design and install pneumatic control units suitable for any business.


We provide safe, flexible, automation solutions incorporating the latest robotics technology to streamline manufacturing and reduce the costs.

We have 10 years of experience and safe practice in Modern Electrical Engineering!


Connect with the Future of Smart Automated Systems

We offer a confidential and professional service to our clients. At Mondrelog, we have experience and knowledge in electrical equipment installation, electrical design, programming of the most advanced automated systems. Also, we collaborate with other two mechanical engineering companies, and we can design and build most of the automated systems you can think of. From idea to mechanical design and build to fully automated system installation and commissioning